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Grace Jordan Ent Announces Major Shift to Creative Endeavors Starting Summer 2024
News ImageBy Grace Jordan Ent Media    |    2024-05-22

After over 25 years of leading the Entertainment Media Services industry, Grace Jordan Enterprises LLC is embarking on a transformative journey. Known for its excellence in web design, audio, and video services, the company is now shifting its focus exclusively to creative endeavors under the Grace Jordan brand. This significant change, set to begin in Summer 2024, marks a new chapter for the minority-owned (Black and Hispanic) enterprise, which operates under the Florida Limited Liability Company. Grace Jordan will now integrate its expertise in music production, media publishing, and interactive media technology to offer a unique and enriching experience.

Grace Jordan Entertainment stands at the forefront of this transition. As a digital music label celebrated for its boundary-defying music, it unites a talented team of artists, producers, and engineers. Together, they craft inspiring musical masterpieces that resonate with audiences worldwide. The label's diverse portfolio includes productions by the in-house band DNajor, The Listen Orlando Volumes, and collaborations with esteemed producers such as Soul of CedOne, Anthony "Nykee" Hyer, and Errol the "Pearl" Ellis.

The company's studio division, Grace Jordan Studios, continues to create captivating productions. One of its flagship projects, "Listen Orlando - Oye Orlando," highlights the vibrant arts, entertainment, and educational scene in Orlando. Additionally, the studio produces the animated shorts series "Pookie n Them," which skillfully weaves the rich cultures of the Latino and Black communities into a tapestry of comedy. Another notable series, Grace Moments, reveals the beauty of God's grace through short, uplifting videos. Serenity Spectrum: A Graceful Collection of Relaxation introduces the ultimate Relaxation Oasis playlist by Grace Jordan Ent, offering a symphony of calming sounds designed to melt away stress and transport listeners to pure relaxation.

Latino.Black, a platform under the Grace Jordan umbrella, is dedicated to fostering collaboration and empowerment between the Latino and Black communities. It features a variety of projects, including a "Connect" section with a Business Directory and "Our Originals," which showcases engaging content such as Pookie n Them, Grace Moments, Chunky Fine, and upcoming projects slated for release in 2024 and 2025. These projects stand as a testament to the depth and dynamism of these communities.

The commitment of Grace Jordan Ent to nurturing creativity and innovation remains unwavering. With a renewed focus on inspiring, entertaining, and bringing joy to audiences worldwide, the company's mission is to be a beacon of excellence in the entertainment industry. Through its diverse and dynamic content, Grace Jordan Ent aims to not only entertain but also empower and unite communities.

As Grace Jordan Ent steps into this new era, it invites audiences to join in the journey where creativity knows no bounds. Grace Jordan Ent—Get Some!