Grace Jordan Enterprises LLC

A pioneering minority-owned entertainment media powerhouse.

Planning and Research

Define the project's objectives, scope, and requirements. Conduct comprehensive research to understand the target audience, market trends, and potential challenges.

Design and Implementation

Create a detailed development plan based on the research findings. Begin the implementation process, building the project according to the program, and continuously testing and refining until completion.

We harmonize digital media, brand management, audio/video production, music production, media publishing, and interactive technology.

Our goal is to craft immersive experiences through the use of digital technology.

Grace Jordan Enterprises LLC is a private minority-owned (Black and Hispanic) company operating under the Florida Limited Liability Company. As a targeted entertainment media company, we integrate music production, media publishing, and interactive media technology seamlessly.

Our brand's portfolio includes three distinct avenues: Grace Jordan Entertainment, Grace Jordan EMS Services, and Grace Jordan Studios. We take pride in developing and designing for our Grace Jordan Enterprises brands and distribute all our original creations through these channels.

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Our commitment to quality and the vibrant integration of music, media, and technology

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